40 Elegant Tattoos For Males – Punk Band Design Concepts

As one of many greatest influences for the revitalization of ska within the late 80’s and 90’s, the legacy of Elegant stays sturdy regardless of its break-up over ten years in the past.

The band’s life philosophy holds that everybody, it doesn’t matter what they need to do, ought to be capable of have a superb time.

From the start, Elegant has had a selected sort of imagery related to it. The solar image was designed by an in depth buddy of the band, a tattoo artist named Opie Ortiz, which might be why the solar image interprets into such a cool and wearable tattoo. The solar itself represents the band’s identify; it represents the chic, or the very best level of somebody’s life. On the face of the solar, nevertheless, there may be the Satan, a swap blade, and a number of other skeletons, representing that even one of the best factor in life just isn’t what it appears to be.

Different parts of the Elegant aesthetic is the give attention to Previous English font, which comes from Bradley Nowell’s personal tattoo (additionally the work of Ortiz), featured on the quilt of the band’s namesake album. To include the Elegant type into your personal tattoo, think about using at the very least some Previous English lettering to reference this album cowl.

Above all, a Elegant tattoo shouldn’t be too philosophical. The Southern California social gathering vibe is the driving power for the band’s authentic work, and it continues to be an vital side of their revival band, Elegant with Rome.


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40 Elegant Tattoos For Males – Punk Band Design Concepts

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