How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  Good morning my friends.  I am really thrilled about today’s post!  And I am not ashamed to admit that yes, I have already started to decorate for Christmas!  I have a Christmas wreath up, and my Christmas stockings are hung on really fun farmhouse stocking holder that I created and am really excited to share with you today!  This project was super fun to create and it really only took a couple of hours from start to finish.  I love that I could create these Christmas stocking holders in a morning without even breaking a sweat!  With a few tools I already had on hand, and quick trip to The Home Depot, I had my Christmas stockings hung before dinner!  Keep reading to learn more about how to make farmhouse stocking holders!

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Hanger Box

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders

The other day I mentioned that I am collaborating with The Home Depot and their Do It Herself (DIH) workshops.  And I also mentioned that I was going to create my own version of their Stocking Hanger Box, and so today I am excited to reveal that to you!  I took their general stocking box idea, made it a bit longer to accommodate 5 stocking hangers and added a little industrial and farmhouse touch to it.  And the best part is, you can easily take this same idea from The Home Depot and customize it to your preference too!   I really love how my farmhouse stocking holders turned out and I hope it inspires you to create something for the holiday season as well.

Farmhouse DIY Stocking Holders

The Home Depot’s Stocking Hanger Box is made by using a nail gun to attach wood boards into a box, staining it and adding hooks to it for the stocking hangers.  My version is really similar.

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - supplies

Instead of using wood and staining it, I decided to buy wood that was burned a lovely shade of brown from The Home Depot.  I had been eyeing this wood for a while and really love how it looks!  This gave the stocking holders a rustic farmhouse look that I just can’t get enough of!

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - glue

I decided to use two boards tall, and one board wide.  So I cut (4) 4′ lengths of this wood with 45 degree angle corners for my sides.  And then I cut another length with 90 degree edges slightly smaller to be the bottom piece of this box (the bottom will sit inside of the sides of the box.)  Two smaller lengths were cut at 45 degree angles to be the box’s sides.

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - angle iron

We snagged a piece of steel angle iron and cut it using a compound miter saw and then we pre-drilled two holes in each side.  Using 3/4″ length screws and a driver,  we screwed the angle iron around the corners of this box to hold everything in place.  And then we used a nail gun to attach the sides of the box to the bottom.

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - screw together

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - screw second board in place

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders - nail gun box together

After it was created, we simply needed to screw our hooks that we wanted to use as stocking hangers into place, and we were done!

Christmas Stocking Holders

This farmhouse stocking holder is so fun, and such a beautiful statement piece on our family room mantle.  I added a garland and some berries into the box that I already had on hand and my Christmas mantle started to pull together!

Farmhouse DIY Stocking Hangers

I couldn’t wait to hang our stockings, hang my Farmhouse Christmas Wreath and add a few more decorations to this part of our house.  I am not nearly done decorating for Christmas (no, our tree is not up…yet…) but I think this is the first year I have truly been in LOVE with how our Christmas mantle looks and a big part of that reason is due to my beautiful farmhouse stocking holder!

How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders

If you want to create your own Stocking Hanger Box at The Home Depot, there is still time to sign up:

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How to make Farmhouse Stocking Holders

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