The 411 on Essential Oils

Hey there!  I wanted to take a brief minute out of my usual posting here to tell you a little more about essential oils.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen that every once in a while I post about Essential Oils.  Why?  Because I love them.  I have been using oils since June of 2014, but recently I decided to share more about them.  Why?  Because I have learned to love them so much that they are truly a part of my daily life!  And my husband’s daily life.  And my children’s daily life.  Yes, we are a hippie-dippie-oil-loving-family and I am 100% a-ok with that!  So today I wanted to share All About Young Living Essential Oils for anyone that might have questions.

My Essential Oil Journey

I will be honest, when I began my essential oil journey in 2014, I was a huge skeptic.  A skeptic with a capital “S.”  I bought them and thought, well if nothing else they will make my house smell good, right?  By 2014 I knew my body couldn’t handle traditional candles, wax burners, plug ins or room sprays.  They honestly made me sick and gave me a headache.  A big, huge headache that sometimes made its way to migraine status.  And knowing what I know now, and how full of toxins most of those are, it’s no wonder they made me ill!

I also knew that traditional cleaners made me ill too.  When I would clean my house, I would then suffer through 24-48 hours of a bad migraine.  Cleaning started to mean that I couldn’t function for the next two days.  I have since learned how full of toxins most cleaners really are.  I didn’t know it at the time, but essential oils would eventually become my answer to this problem too!

If nothing else, I wanted a way to bring beautiful, light and yummy smells into my home, naturally.  I heard about essential oils and was so hesitant, but I finally jumped in.  The first couple of years I used them sporadically.  I didn’t really understand or know much about them.  I liked them.  But I didn’t yet LOVE them.  I wanted to love them but I simply didn’t know they best ways to use them.  I had all these oils, but no direction.  I was lost.

In the fall of 2016 I decided I needed to make some changes.  Some BIG changes.  I started really researching oils, I researched oil companies and their process (even though I was already using Young Living oils, I wanted to make sure I was really using the best), and I began to educate myself more about oils and the amazing things that they can do.  So I decided to put my new-found knowledge into everyday use and I dove head first into making oils a part of my daily life.

Essential Oils with Simply Designing

What Changed?

What changed for me was this, I discovered two things about myself.

  1. I needed oils to be EASY
  2. I needed a support group

I had had oils for a while, but they were in some cabinet, not at all convenient to use or get at.  Then every time I wanted to use them, I had to find them, get a glass bowl, mix them up, figure out what to do with the rest of it…it was not easy or convenient!  And so I just wasn’t able to incorporate them into my daily life.  Through my research and learning more about ME I came up with specific ways to make oils more accessible, and easier to use on a daily basis.  This has been LIFE CHANGING for me.

I also needed a support group.  I need people.  I needed people sharing WHAT they did and WHY they did it.  I needed people I could ask questions to and get answers from.  I needed help.  I needed encouragement.  And I was so lucky to happen to find an amazing tribe of women (and men) that give me the support I need.

Do I Sell Oils?

Yes.  And no.  I have always been what Young Living calls a distributor.  It is basically a wholesale member, where I get 24% off of the retail prices.  I can order for other people, but I always encourage people to sign up as a wholesale member themselves so that they can truly benefit from all Young Living has to offer.  But if you sign up under me, I am able to take you under my wing and truly ensure that you are educated about the oils you just bought!  (And yes because I am a distributor, I do make a small profit off of the people who sign up under me.  You can check out the income disclosure statement here.)

I never really promoted what I did as a Young Living Distributor before because I didn’t feel like I had enough knowledge to truly educate and support people.  But now that I spend every day trying things and learning new things, I feel like I want to shout everything I know to the whole world!  I love educating and I love teaching.  I also love sharing how life changing these have been for me and my family!

Thinking About Trying Oils?

If you haven’t already, you have GOT to just try these oils.  You don’t have to 100% believe they’ll work for you YET.  I didn’t when I tried them for the first time.  But once I started using them I could easily see the huge difference they could make in my life and the life of my whole family!  I’ve been using oils for two years but only recently decided to share about them because I am honestly, truly in love with them.  And I wouldn’t tell you about them if I felt otherwise.

If you’re just wanting to kinda get your feet wet, the best way is the premium starter kit (That’s where I would HIGHLY recommend you start)…. This is where I started and I’m soooo happy with them.  It comes with 11 everyday oils that will do a MILLION different things when used certain ways and a FREE diffuser.  Don’t worry, the kit comes with a booklet with some info about each oil to help you get started!  Also, after you buy the starter kit, I will send you access to The Happy Oils Handbook which is full of info on how to safely use EOs, uses for each oil in your kit, and tons of recipes that are easy for you to mix up at home!!  This handbook is exclusive to anyone who orders their kit through me!!  I will also sign you up for my exclusive email series and a couple of Facebook groups to ensure that you have access to all of the information you need to begin your oily journey.

Once you sign up as a Wholesale Member, you get the wholesale discount forever on anything you ever need which is 24% off!  Being a Wholesale Member does not mean you have to sell Young Living nor does it mean you have to sign up for automatic shipments.  You can simply enjoy the discount and buy whatever oils you want, when you want.  No pressure, no requirements.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

What’s in a Premium Starter Kit?

There are four premium kits to choose from (for my USA peeps, things are slightly different for other countries) that all come with the 5mL bottles of the Everyday Oils.  It’s amazing because you can choose whichever diffuser you think would fit your needs best.  I personally love the Dewdrop Diffuser the best for function since it is a diffuser AND humidifier in one!  It also is not easy to break (which is important because #momlife) and it just works so well!  But honestly, all of the diffusers rock!  The starting price is $160 USD for a kit, and goes up from there depending on the diffuser you choose.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with the following oils (I am sharing a few of their common uses too):

(please note the kit may vary country to country a bit)

  • Lemon: supports, nervous system and is invigorating, cleans bodily systems, supports proper nasal function, tasty in water
  • Digize: supports a healthy digestive system, can help alleviate occasional nausea and upset tummy
  • Lavender: relaxing, calming, supports proper sleep
  • Copaiba: promotes youthful appearance, supports the body’s natural response to injury and irritation
  • Thieves: supports healthy immune function
  • Purification: neutralizes odors in the air, uplifting and invigorating aroma
  • Panaway: relieved occasional muscle soreness and tension
  • Frankincense: supports healthy skin and feelings of balance and calm, supports your immune system, given to Baby Jesus
  • R.C.: Respiratory Comfort
  • Stress Away: the name says it all!  Helps to reduce nervous tension and induce relaxation by supporting the nervous system (mamas, this oil is for you!)
  • Peppermint: gastrointestinal system comfort, promotes focus and clarity by supporting a healthy nervous system, helps relieve minor aches and pains associated with daily life, can help ease occasional head pain, yummy in Mint Brownies

The Premium Starter Kit also comes with 10 Sample Packets (2 samples each of 5 commonly loved oils) so you can bring oils with you or share the love.  10 Sample Oil Bottles so you can make your own blends or share with friends, 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples plus an information booklet to help you learn more about how to use these amazing oils!

Oils are AMAZING!

They are able to help our body in so many ways.  They are able to support every single system in your body!  Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils work well, and they work crazy fast!

How quickly EOs Work


How to Order?

So, are you ready to order some oils and start your wellness journey!?  Click HERE or use this link to sign up:

Make sure that my number 1858838 is in the Enroller and Sponsor area.  This will allow me to get you in on any specials I am running right now and also I will be able to send you access to an amazing Happy Oiler guide book to help you learn more as well!

Sign up as a wholesale member, pick your premium starter kit and go from there!  Signing up for Essential Rewards is completely optional and I can tell you more about that later because it is an awesome program, but know that it is not required.

Why Young Living?

I mentioned earlier that I have researched other brands.  I have really and truly decided that while there are many other EOs out there, Young Living brand is the only one I trust and the only ones I’d use on myself and my family, including my little ones.  They have a Seed to Seal promise which I haven’t been able to find from any other company.  It means that they control the product from the beginning growth of the plant (the seed), tree, root, etc. all the way to the bottle you receive.  They own some of their own farms and use partner farms that only meet the strictest of standards.  They never allow pesticides to be used and instead hand weed and use essential oils on their crops.  It’s the only company I have found that does this!

Not all oils are created equal.  Did you know that in order to say “pure” the EO needs to only contain a small portion of essential oil in the bottle?  The rest might be filler.  Many oils you find contain chemicals, synthetics or use solvents for the distillation process.  This is not what I want in my home or on my family.  Not all farms are created equal, not all distillation process are the top of the line, not all standards as as high.  Young Living is truly the only company that hold a Seed to Seal promise like this and it is well worth any savings you might get by buying somewhere else in my opinion.  You can read more about their Seed to Seal promise here:

Ready to start?

If you are super excited about Essential Oils and are ready to sign up, here is how to do it!

1. Head to and pick your country / language
2. On the top Right CLICK “Become a Member”
3. Check the box that says you have an enroller and sponsor number.
4. Enter number 1858838 for both the enroller and sponsor number.
5. Confirm that Simply Designing (that’s me!) will be your enroller and sponsor!
6. Select the Premium Starter Kit and the diffuser of your choice (the Dew Drop is a fantastic choice!)
7. Add any additional products that you may want.
8. Continue signing up and then check out!

We will get you hooked up with some great resources as soon as possible after you sign up!


If you have other questions, I am happy to help you in any way possible.  As you can tell, I’m super excited about them and very passionate about them.  Shoot me an email at and I would love to help you in any way possible.


I can’t wait to help you get started on your oily journey!

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The 411 on Essential Oils

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