What To Do When Your Bathroom Is Overflowing

Folks are likely to expertise a second of panic when their bathroom begins to overflow. Realizing tips on how to cease a rest room from overflowing can assist stop a disgusting mess in your lavatory. It’s additionally necessary to know tips on how to plunge your bathroom and keep away from bathroom clogs sooner or later. At Terry’s Plumbing, we can assist you with all three points.

What To Do When The Bathroom Overflows

When your bathroom overflows, the primary plan of action is to cease the water. There are three logical methods to do that.

  • Shut the flapper inside the bathroom tank. Take away the lid to your bathroom tank and look inside. On the base of the tank, you’ll see a flapper that covers a gap into the bathroom bowl. Pushing the flapper down contained in the tank will cease the water from exiting the tank and getting into the bowl.
  • Carry the float inside the bathroom tank. The float on the high of the bathroom tank controls the movement of water into the tank. Lifting the float shuts off the water.  
  • Flip off the water valve on the base of the bathroom. Water movement to the bathroom is managed by a valve often discovered on the base of the bathroom. Turning off the valve turns off the water flowing into the bathroom. Use this technique as a final resort, as a result of valves are typically troublesome to show and preventing with it might waste treasured time.

As soon as the water is turned off, you may end up standing along with your hand inside your bathroom tank questioning what to do subsequent. By no means worry: the water inside the bathroom bowl will seemingly begin to go down after a minute. When the water within the bowl is totally down, you’ll be able to take your hand out of the tank.

Plunge the Bathroom

As soon as the instant drawback has been dealt with, it’s time to plunge your bathroom.

  1. Put the plunger in the bathroom bowl in order that the pinnacle of the plunger is totally coated by water.
  2. Pump the pinnacle of the plunger up and down shortly. The water degree in the bathroom will seemingly go down.
  3. Flush the bathroom when the water degree goes down far sufficient that the plunger is not coated in water.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and three till the bathroom appears to be working correctly once more.

You’ll be able to watch a video on this topic right here:


Uninterested in plungers? Check out this product that plunges your bathroom by forming an hermetic seal excessive of the bowl:


Stop the Drawback From Occurring Once more

One of the best ways to stop clogs is to  keep away from flushing something that isn’t human waste, water or bathroom paper. By no means flush any product simply because it claims to be “flushable.” Kitty litter, tampons, child wipes, grownup wipes and diapers usually are not acceptable for the sewers or the septic tank. They need to by no means go down your drains.

Contact a Plumber

In case your bathroom in Pittsburgh remains to be clogged, even after utilizing a plunger or an hermetic vacuum seal, name Terry’s Plumbing. We’ll care for your plumbing and return your bathroom again to correct working order. Name us as we speak at 412-364-9114.

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What To Do When Your Bathroom Is Overflowing

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